Returning to Mass Effect – Legendary Edition: Mass Effect 1

I’ve not been shy about talking up how much I love and have had my video game sensibilities moulded by the original Mass Effect Trilogy. So it would only be natural that I would drop everything else I was doing in order to go back and binge through this incredibly seminal trilogy of video games. It also might explain why I didn’t manage to get anything written or posted on my blog whatsoever the week this came out.

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Playing Dragon Ball Fusions to say goodbye to the Nintendo 3DS

In the wake of Nintendo’s announcement that the 3DS is being retired, I had thought to start writing a post that was my farewell to the 3DS. Looking back though, for the significant library the device had, it was still overwhelmingly a Pokémon machine. In amongst those 1000+ hours I spent collectively on the Pokémon franchise, there was one other underappreciated gem in my most played games that I ended up revisiting.

One that stands out amongst many, many terrible games within the franchise as one of the best. One that richly deserves a sequel.

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Observation – Sometimes a rogue AI just wants a Hug

Observation is a narrative-driven game with some light traversal and logic puzzle elements. A relatively short game with a very cinematic approach to how it tells its story, which I found compelling as hell. Unable to put it down in the evening and morning that it took me to see it all the way through to the end.

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