Demon Slayer – Episode 9: Temari Demon and Arrow Demon Review

This week we get a very action orientated episode in which the two demons; Tamayo and Yushiro attack Tanjiro and his companions under order or Muzan. Who was helpfully compared to Michael Jackson to me by someone on Twitter. And now that’s all I can see.

It seems like the purpose of this episode is to introduce a new tier of villain for Tanjiro to deal with. Up until now, it’s been difficult to really grasp Tanjiro’s level, as the demons he’s been battling have fallen relatively easily to his sword.

Now we learn of the “Twelve Moon Demons”, a collection of Muzan’s most powerful minions in a concept that’s as JRPG as it gets. Which works out considering the deal Tanjiro brokered in the previous episode to collect powerful demon blood in order to create a cure for the demon curse.

Demon Slayer - Episode 9: Temari Demon and Arrow Demon Review
I can grantee some people are very into this.

The episode itself is entirely an extended action sequence in which Tanjiro slowly learns the techniques and tactics of his enemies and eventually devises a way to overcome them, pretty much what he’s been doing in every battle right up until now.

The animation is the star of this show though. I’ve never especially had a huge problem with CGI animation in anime, sometimes it can take you out of a moment, but in the end: it is what it is. What the computer generated animation in this episode is: it’s bloody great.

There are a couple of sequences animated like this, one of Tanjiro and one of Nezuko, tumbling and dodging out of the way of the enemies. They really do make the most of the situation, not getting in too close and really looking smooth and impressive.

Demon Slayer - Episode 9: Temari Demon and Arrow Demon Review
He’s a demon, it’s fine.

This show has been great looking most of the time I’ve been watching it, but these CG sequences especially impressed me, combined with the vibrant water and arrow effects of the attacks on screen. This is a damn good looking show.

Otherwise, I want to highlight the two villains. Despite only being around for a couple of episodes, they’ve already make a big impact. If there’s one thing I am constantly impressed by when it comes to shonen style anime; it’s their ability to create visually interesting characters with pretty distinct personalities and power sets.

Even if they do only end up hanging around for an episode or two, there’s something about them that sticks in the memory far more than a villain of the day in any Western media I consumed as a kid.

Demon Slayer - Episode 9: Temari Demon and Arrow Demon Review
I am very into the look of this show. Did I mention that at all?

To sum up, this show is going at a wicked fast pace. It already feels like we’re well on the way to a confrontation with the big bad. As *spoiler* Tanjiro end the episode by seemingly killing one of these almighty mini bosses. And yet we’ve still not been introduced to two of the major characters that appear in both the opening and closing credits.

It’s curious and leads me to believe that Muzan might not end up being the final boss Demon Slayer wants us to think it is.

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