Wooderon’s Ranking of the Marvel Cinematic Universe 2021

2021 was the most packed year of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever. And while COVID played a role in that, it doesn’t seem like the speed with which they’re rolling is going to slow down any time soon. With a whole bunch of movies and T.V. shows coming out in 2022 as well.

With so much to talk about, why not take a day to rank each of these releases in order from worst to best.

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What if…? Marvel didn’t do the thing that Marvel does

The MCU’s foray into the world of animation was one I approached with some form of scepticism. Not that I thought it looked bad or anything, just that it was one more step into me feeling like I am on the way to Superhero burnout.

With the pandemic induced break from superhero stuff, its return has been thick and fast in 2021. Maybe a little too fast for me to keep up with, because the MCU’s beginnings into the waters of multiverse has been less a dipping of the toes and more of a cannonball.

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