Questioning the value of paying extra to watch Mulan on Dinsey+

During an earlier stage this little old global pandemic, I put the idea out there that Covid-19 could kill the cinema experience. Citing some studios choosing to put their movies out at a premium on streaming services rather than waiting for cinemas to reopen. After getting delayed three times, it looks like Disney are finally making the decision to put their live action adaption/reimagining of Mulan out on Disney +.

I knew there was going to be an extra charge to see this movie for the first time at home rather than in a cinema, but I underestimated just how much of a premium Disney would be putting on the feature. Or maybe Disney overestimated just how badly people wanted to see this movie on a service their were already paying for.

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How COVID-19 could kill cinema

I recently heard that YouTube has been recently demonetising any videos that make mention of COVID-19 and the current pandemic sweeping the world. At first I just chocked it up to one more strange choice by YouTube to put the squeeze on their users, but then I thought about the issue a little more and it started to make sense.

The last thing you want during this whole crisis are sensationalist creators making a bunch of click bait misinformation that could whip people up into more of a panic than they already are. So I’m going to ignore the sense of the conclusions I made earlier and make a sensationalist claim about the long terms affects of the virus on the future of the entertainment industry.

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MCU Rewatch – Captain America: The Winter Solider and putting golden age morals into the modern era

This is an entry in an ongoing series where I am going back and watching the movies of the MCU again, sometimes for the first time since watching them in the cinema. If you want to check out my journey up until now. Then here’s a link with all of the posts thus far at the bottom.

After a few shaky entries, The Winter Solider felt like a statement from Marvel. One that put their foot down regarding a few major milestones that really established the MCU as it would grow and become more like the franchise as we see it now. It’s a movie that has no problem shaking up the status quo in dramatic fashion, it also normalises the inclusion of a wider, living cast for the future.

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