Ahiru No Sora made me enjoy basketball for the first time since Space Jam

I keep acting like I’m still some newbie to watching anime outside of the major shonen series out there. But at this point, I’ve been watching quite a broad array of different anime for a couple of years now. I’ve spent three seasons making a conscious effort to expand what I’m watching and try new things. Hence my “3 episode rule” series.

Yet, after this time there are still genres and series that surprise me that I can get into. Last fall I started watching Ahiru No Sora; a sport anime about a really short kid wanting to become a great basketball player. Never did I expect to become so invested in a series about a sport I actually kind of hate in real life.

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Wooderon Anime of the Year 2018: #4

My Christmas holiday is almost over already. Oh, the never ending grind of retail. One thing that never took a break through was my unenviable task of making over 20 posts in 13 days. It might seem like cake to more of the gifted bloggers out there. But again, retail. Also, I’ve got Overwatch and Destiny Christmas events to try and participate in. Have you no sympathy for me and my very real and serious problems. Anyway, enough waffle, let’s get on with it shall we.

Wooderon Anime of the Year 2018: #4

Today’s entry shows that sometimes, you don’t have to hang your show on a huge concept or gimmicky spectacle. Sometimes, if you just need to nail the basics and tell a simple story to an incredibly high standard. It’s really all you need to do to make a great show.

I’ll keep you in anticipation for a moment longer though as I give my current list leading up until today:

#10: Goblin Slayer

#9: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

#8: The Ancient Magus’ Bride

#7: Golden Kamuy

#6: Attack on Titan

#5: Hinamatusri

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