Super Smash Bros. World of Light is a great idea that gets old quick

The past month has been a whirlwind of activity for me, parts of which have been me snatching time to play the new Super Smash Bros. Over the years, the series has been a lot of different things to different people. That has changed, even for me. Smash used to be a party game, something to play in groups with my friends and not take too seriously.

Super Smash Bros. World of Light is a great idea that gets old quick

Now, it’s become more of a single player experience for me, something the previous iteration of the game never really catered to. Smash Ultimate on the other hand feels like a game that provides a lot to the lone player such as myself who doesn’t care about playing online. Most of that comes through in the game’s adventure mode: World of Light.

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How I fell out of love with Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo released one of their, now famous, prerecorded Nintendo Directs last week. A bundle of announcements both surprising and utterly predictable. One such announcement, if you can call it that, left many of the internet simultaneously excited and confused. I am, of course, talking about the ending teaser that shows a Super Smash Bros. game coming to the Nintendo Switch. Yay!?

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How to make a Super Mario Movie

There have been awful, terrible rumours for a while that American film studios have been very interested in making a Super Mario movie. I, like most people, have pushed these thoughts far to the back of my mind. Because, as we all know; movies based on video games are terrible. Then it happened, no amount of denial was ever going to keep this idea from coming to fruition it seems, and Universal Pictures have apparently secured a deal to make a Super Mario movie. And which Studio is making it? Illumination Entertainment. Yes, that’s right. The people behind the Minions might be making a Mario movie.

Okay, okay. Let’s not jump the gun just yet. In a recent financial Q&A session, Shigeru Miyamoto stated that this project is still in talks and if neither company can agree on a direction for the project then they have no issue canning the entire thing. “Calling it quits” were the words used. Before you think you know where this is going, I’m not exactly against the idea of there being a western made movie based on Nintendo’s mascot. It’s just that when it comes to combining these properties with kid’s movies, things don’t tend to go well for anyone.

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