Wooderon’s Favourite Anime of 2019 – #5

Can’t sleep, might as well update the old top ten anime list. Today’s entry was one that really came out of nowhere for me. I wasn’t expecting it, truthfully, I don’t really remember what drew me to it. But it’s one I’m really glad I didn’t miss out on and one I think a good many more people should try and see for themselves.

But here’s my top ten anime and video game lists so far.

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Sarazanmai is bizarre, progressive and has a lot of heart

In a season where nothing much was especially jumping out at me, I took some shots in the dark. Mostly due to a striking visual style and bizarre visuals, Sarazanmai caught my attention. After getting to know the extreme formulaic setup to episodes and repeated animation, I came close to dropping off. After getting to the half way point, I’m glad I didn’t.

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