Jojo Golden Wind: Episode 13: Mirror Man and Purple Smoke Review

I never really realised before, but the introduction of stands really just turned Jojo into a villain of the day anime. I don’t really remember that being the case during the first two parts, but I got through all of parts 3 and 4 without really noticing it. So I can’t really say I mind.

Jojo Golden Wind: Episode 13: Mirror Man and Purple Smoke Review

The last handful of episodes of the series have primarily been there to introduce us to the gang, their personalities and their stand powers. Aside from that though, It’s been about fighting off the hoards of enemy stand users. Standard fare.

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Wooderon Anime of the Year 2018: #9

My fumbling around in the world of Anime continues this evening. Flip flopping between video games and anime as I write these has been more tricky than I had expected it to be. One more lesson to go into the pot of things I’ll probably forget by the time I get around to doing this again next year.

Wooderon Anime of the Year 2018: #9

Today’s entry is another late season show. I dabbled with the idea of leaving this show off my list entirely, with how little of it I’ve seen. But with each passing episode, I find myself enjoying the show more and more. I felt like I needed to give it some recognition for how much enjoyment it gives me. That being said, I really will have to figure out a better way of organising these lists next year. Hey, if any other anime bloggers out there want to give me their thoughts on it, feel free to do so.

Like in my video game lists, I’ll list and link my previous days entries before getting onto today’s:

#10: Goblin Slayer

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