Wooderon’s Favourite Anime of 2021 – #5: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean

I’m still not sure I feel too sure about the placement of this one. But this list had to find shape at some point and this is how it shook out. Also, I’ve left writing this intro paragraph to last minute. Can you tell?

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My Seven Deadly Sins in Anime

I don’t know where this idea came from, I just know it’s been knocking around in my drafts folder for a long time without me actually going and writing it. The idea, inspired by the numerous blog tags that have been floating around the anime blogging community, is to have a go at assigning each of the biblical seven deadly sins with characters and their actions throughout the shows I’ve seen.

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Wooderon’s Favourite Anime of 2019 – #6

This intro is going to be pretty brief, I just finished an 11 hour night shift at work and then immediately went to see the new Star Wars movie. So I’m flagging a little bit and need to get some sleep as soon as possible before I have to go back to work tonight.

If you want to read the anime and video game top ten lists up until now, then click here. 

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