Dragon Ball Super Manga – Chapter 49: Outer Space Battle

This is a fun, action packed chapter that mostly provides us with some thrilling battles from a collection of characters we haven’t really seen fighting before, but doesn’t do anything to progress the story at all.

Dragon Ball is ultimately a shonen battle manga, so it’s to be expected we’re going to get chapters such as this that purely provide thrills and battle. Being brutally honest through, this entire chapter is entirely superfluous to the ongoing story.

From a pure storytelling perspective at the very least.

Goku, Vegeta and Majin Buu (who has now taken the form of the previous Supreme Kai) teleport into the upper atmosphere to confront Moro, who is continuing to drain planet Namek of whatever energy it has left. Now being restored to his full magical abilities, Moro is able to play silly buggars with Goku and Vegea, preventing them from actually landing a hit while he continues to grow his own power.

He retreats further and further from the planet, to the point where he fully leaves the atmosphere, meaning Goku and Vegeta are unable to pursue. Which is a nice nod to the fact that Goku and Vegeta seemingly fight in space more these days. The result is the Great Lord of Lords is the only one able to battle him. However, now restored to the peak of his powers, Moro is more than a match for the tubby trickster god.

Throughout the course of the fight, we learn that most of the Lord’s powers were lost to him when he split from the evil side of Majin Buu, so I guess most of his godlike power now resides within Uub? Which is an interesting potential direction for that character if Dragon Ball ever decide to deal with him again.

With the Kai unable to seal Moro’s magic again, the Galactic Patrol bringing him back into events is rendered null and void. Thus Vegeta declares it’s going to take brute force to take down this foe. Which is generally the case anyway. Despite his increase in power and vast magical powers, the Saiyans claim that they’re still more powerful than the warlock goat man and can take him down in a straight fight.

Thus it falls to Meerus to lure Moro back to the planet Namek. We proceed to get a pretty cool battle sequence between Meerus and Moro. Meerus might not be super powerful, but he’s as tricky as they come and his strategic style of combat making heavy use of gadgets is pretty cool to see. I mean, looking way back at the start of the arc he was able to get the drop on both Goku and Vegeta.

He’s able to distract Moro long enough for the Lord of Lords to grab him and teleport him back to Namek where he can have his final battle with the Saiyans. However, just to remind us of what happened at the end of the previous chapter, Moro smugly announces that the pair are forgetting something; his third wish on the Dragon Balls.

And the chapter ends teasing us once again, without actually telling us what the wish was. And also leaving us pretty much exactly where we were at the end of the previous chapter, thus my comment about this part being completely superfluous. There was some cool stuff in here, but little that added any real value to the story.

So, complaining, not complaining.

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