MCU Rewatch – Avengers: Infinity War proves a villain can carry a movie

It’s taken me so much longer to get through this series than I’d originally envisioned. Then again, there were over 20 movies to watch and articles to write. Now we’re in what feels like the home stretch, and watching movies I certainly have never seen again since the cinema. Which is kind of a travesty when it comes to these last two last Avengers movies and how damned good they are.

It’s crazy to think that I started this rewatch series a year ago talking about how small the first Avengers felt in comparison to the franchise now, and getting to here and seeing this incredible franchise creating film series come together to do something no other movie has done before.

Before I get into this proper though, if you want to go back and read through the posts I’ve written about the movies leading up to Infinity War, then just give this link a lick and see the archive.

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MCU Rewatch – Black Panther is the least interesting part of his own movie

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Something that never occurred to me the first time I watched Black Panther was how similar it was in so many ways to the first Thor movie from way back when. There were so many big introductions to the MCU within this movie that the parallels between the two stories was completely lost on me.

When I spoke about the first Thor as a part of this series, I was somewhat critical of it not really holding up. In many ways, this movie seems like it’s taking that story and just doing it better. Which shouldn’t be taken as belittlement of Black Panther in any way, because it does plenty different that more than makes up for the shortcomings of the movie I feel like it was maybe trying to make up for. Continue reading “MCU Rewatch – Black Panther is the least interesting part of his own movie”

MCU Rewatch: How Thor: Ragnarok revitalised the series

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It take both humility and the ability to admit you’re wrong to be able to turn a movie franchise around in such a dramatic way as this. They’re traits absent in most high powered executives. Their egos couldn’t take it. And yet, some combination of factors at Marvel Studios, be it the astounding number of wins they’d been on for a while now or maybe just a rational human being finally got the ear of someone in a good mood.

Whatever the reasons, turning two of the weakest entries in the franchise, totally reinventing them and making one of the weirdest, most charming sharp left turn I can think of any movie franchise ever making is something Thor: Ragnarok needs to be celebrated for.

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