How Dragon Ball Super: Broly Succeeds by Doing Nothing Surprising and Everything Predictably – Review

Frequent readers of my blog will have probably been waiting for this post with bated breath; but probably not. It’s hard to miss that I talk about Dragon Ball a hell of a lot on here, so an inevitable review of Dragon Ball super: Broly was only ever a matter of time.

I feel like I should count myself lucky that I actually got to see this movie at all to be honest. My local cinema only decided to arrange a single showing of the dubbed movie, and while I booked my ticket well, well in advance, they still only screened it on one of their smaller screens. They even turned a hell of a lot of people away at the doors.

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10 Things I loved about Dragon Ball Super

I feel like I’m still recovering from that last post. Both because it spiralled into a monster in terms of length, but also because being very negative can be exhausting, especially when it comes to a show I ended up really enjoying by the time is was over. Sure, Dragon Ball Super had its problems, but it managed to improve by leaps and bounds by the time it was in its final story arc. To the point that I was pretty sad that at the potential that it was could be the end of Dragon Ball on television.

As more information comes to light though it’s almost a certainly that Dragon Ball isn’t over for good. The upcoming movie at the end of the year is picking up right where Super left off, at the end of the Tournament of Power. And the scuttlebutt from creators and producers heavily implies a new series will be starting again this time next year following that. Which is great news.

But in the meantime, let me spend some more time talking about Dragon Ball Super, specifically allow me to list 10 things (in no particular order) I really loved about this series. Again, if you’re not up to date with the show, like if you’re watching the show dubbed for example, then I’d recommend not reading any further unless you’re not fussed about spoilers.

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