Five nit-picky problems with Red Dead Redemption 2

It feels par the course that I go and complain about the thing that everyone else in the world loves right now. I don’t see myself a the ultra negative internet type person who just criticises everything for attention.

But I’ve got nothing else to talk about right now seeing as all I’m doing is playing Red Dead Redemption 2… Plus, I’m nowhere near close enough to the ending of the game, so I can’t realistically be expected to give a full review of it at this point in time. So what else is there to do than pick five things about the game that annoy me slightly in what is, otherwise, a brilliantly made game.

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The Counterproductive Karma Bar of Red Dead Redemption 2

Like most of the known world, I am playing Red Dead Redemption 2. I feel like I’m still pretty early despite investing a significant number of hours into the game already. Overall, I’m enjoying it. While it’s not a game without flaws, the Rockstar formula makes for a very engaging and unique experience in video games.

The Counterproductive Karma Bar of Red Dead Redemption 2

One of the choices Rockstar made within the game is one I keep bumping up against, much to my own chagrin, it’s the karma system. Dubbed as Honour within this game. It feels really out of place, not only that, it feels dated.

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