Dragon Ball Super Manga: Chapter 48: Moro’s Wish

Y’know, if Majin Buu’s personality was even slightly less grating, I’d be a huge fan. His goofy nature and really unique power set could make him was more impactful to the show… the writer says when this manga chapter makes Majin Buu more relevant than he’s been since he was introduced as an antagonist.

I’m actually starting to worry that this whole Moro thing is going to be wrapped up before we leave planet Namek. When this arc began and we had Goku and Vegeta joining the Galactic Patrol on a temporary basis, I was hoping there would be more planet hopping than this.

For all the delving into the multiverse that was introduced back in Battle of Gods, I has hopes that this arc would be a nice of pace and actually explore a little more of Universe 7. The train heist planet was a step in this direction.

Now though, it feels like this battle will probably reach its conclusion on Namek, a planet we’re already intimately familiar with. While Moro is an interesting villain with an even more interesting power set, this entire arc does seem to boil down to a single prolonged battle. Which yeah, it’s Dragon Ball. But still I’d hoped it would be broken up at least a little more than it has been.

As for this chapter I’m supposed to be talking about: It starts with Majin Buu beating the crap out Moro. Thanks to the fact that Moro’s main ability: draining the energy from everything around him over the course of the battle doesn’t, it work on the pink blob.

We get to see some more of Buu’s weird powers in action, which is cute. Including disembodied hands pummelling Moro while Buu stands off to the side and takes a breather. Under Meerus’s instruction, Buu is about to use some kind of technique that belonged to his past self as the great lord of lords. Before can though, the sky goes dark and we realise that Moro’s ally; Cranberry has summoned the Namekian dragon; Perunga.

While not real strong, he was able to kill a bunch of old men and children to gather the final Dragon Ball and force one of them to summon the dragon. He burns the first wish on healing himself, before Moro telepathically contacts him and orders him wish for his magic to be fully restored to him.

Cranberry, reluctantly does so, and a re-powered Moro warps over and screws over Cranberry by stabbing him through the chest. Yes Cranberry, a jerk is certainly what this ancient vampriric monster. Despite already being too later, the Saiyans and the Parol rush towards the Dragon, but before they can get there, Moro makes a second wish. One we don’t have the pleasure of knowing just yet.

His work done, he makes a very flashy show of… moving behind a nearby rock. Then he bolts. His plan being to apparently finish devouring the planet. Going somewhere else entirely probably seems like a better plan, but I’m not the warlock goatman here. So what do I know.

A very cognisant Majin Buu heals everyone who needs healing before suddenly transforming into the Great Lord of lords before their very eyes. Which is really damn cool. It’s nice to see that character come back, and it’s probably too much to hope that he can go back to being the Supreme Kai, considering Shin is utterly terrible at the job. But I’d be shocked if we ever see him again after this arc, despite be really wanting this to be a permanent change.

Fully healed, the trio of the Kai, Goku and Vegeta all go off in search of Moro for what, I assume, is going to be the final confrontation of the arc. I hope I’m wrong, and there is more to this story line, because looking back, despite a lot of promising stuff in here, this arc is really not making the most of its original aspects so far.

I like Moro and I like what they’ve done with Majin Buu, but I’m real worried that neither thing is going to follow through. I hope I’m wrong.

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