Super Dragon Ball Heroes – Episode 6 does the impossible: Surprise me

This time, we mercifully see an end to the fight with Cumber, and the first reappearance of Goku’s full Ultra Instinct ability since the fight against Jiren. Although I’m not 100% certain that the people slapping this show together know that Ultra Instinct isn’t just Super Saiyan White. Although it might as well be.

As the episode begins, the embodiment of the self-insert character; Fu is fighting off both Xeno Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan 4 forms. The battle is short lived though, as Cumber is still angry though and cock block’s Fu’s fight.

Fu says it’s cool though, and that apparently, his objective was now achieved. I don’t remember any mention of his objective before now that didn’t just involve shits or giggles. He cuts a hole in space-time and Cooler manages to shock everyone by actually doing something and chasing him.

Cumber proceeds to throw a Death Ball at the gang and then suddenly Ultra Instinct.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes - Episode 6 does the impossible: Surprise me

Xeno Goku instant transmissions everyone away so Goku White can dominate Cumber in peace. Which he does, with no effort. It’s here I get a little confused about Ultra Instinct, I always though it was basically a visualisation of flawless execution. Dodging and attacking perfectly, I didn’t think there was actually a power spike involved.

But Goku apparently gets a huge boost in power as he blasts Cumber in the face with a Kamehameha. Considering how amazingly represented Ultra Instinct was during Super, the fight here is pretty uninteresting. It’s a boiler plate knock around, like nearly every fight on display in Heroes.

With Cumber defeated, some big red ball that’s been floating in the sky cracks and a form emerges from within; The first genuine surprise Super Dragon Ball heroes has provided me since it began; Eyepatch Zamasu.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes - Episode 6 does the impossible: Surprise me

Zamasu is back, and he looks like he’s been chilling out in anime Mad Max land, along with his androgynous new gang of elven cyborgs. He takes Cumber’s unconscious body and teleports away, right before the prison planet explodes, in a shot very reminiscent of the end of the Freeza saga when Planet Namek explodes.

Only this time, Goku does have instant transmission, the other Goku used it a couple minutes ago to leave, but let’s not think about that too much.

The end of this episode was cool. It ended the fight with Cumber, which never interested me too much, and surprised me by bringing back Zamasu, the only genuine villain from Dragon Ball Super. Looking at the new commercial for the Super Dragon Ball Heroes card game, Universe 6 are going to be a factor going forward. Which I’m all for, because it looks like we’ll be seeing Kefla again.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes - Episode 6 does the impossible: Surprise me

This might have been my favourite episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes so far, although that isn’t saying much. I wish they’d made better use of Ultra Instinct, rather than it being treated like Super Saiyan 5.

But I’ll welcome Zamasu’s delusional ramblings compared to Gary Fu and whatever the hell is is supposed to be doing.

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