3 Episode Rule – Ahiru No Sora (Sky of the Duck)

Yeah, I’m doing this again. My endgame kind of needs work though as I never really followed up what I felt about the Summer season by the time it was over. I’ll have to try and remedy that this season, in ten weeks time. Anyway, this is the first in a series of posts in which I use the general rule of thumb in that you can generally tell if a series is worth watching or not within the first three episodes.

I’m trying to broaden my pallet a little by giving a chance to the kind of shows I normally don’t care about; and this show is one that is way out of my wheelhouse. Shiru No Sora is a sports anime, one about basketball. So, not only is it a genre I have never really found myself drawn to in the past, it’s also focusing on a sport that I also have no real interest in. Way to throw myself in the deep end.

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