Overwatch’s Role queue is a huge gift for normal players

Live games have become a way of life for some people. They’re an attractive solution for people who don’t want to spend £40 every few weeks to play something new. I know I’m deep into at least three right now. It’s a style of games that lives and dies by how closely the developers monitor their player base and react to them accordingly. The trick is to sometimes do what you think is right and not what everyone is telling you to do.

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I’m Falling out of love with Overwatch… or am I

Back in December, I wrote a piece during my month of masochism (or game of the year if you’d prefer) about how Overwatch was nearly my favourite game of 2018. Being honest though, even then, I was not currently playing Overwatch, and had not been for some months.

Falling out of love with Overwatch... or am I

When I was relatively free from a hell of blogging and had more time to pick up Overwatch again during the Year of the Pig event, I found myself unable to reconnect with the game I had recently praised so much. Even now, with a new character announced and interest high, I find myself struggling to enjoy the game that had given me so much enjoyment in the time since its release.

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