In/Spectre – How can a show with such a premise be so dull?

How can a series with a premise of being a cerebral focused, detective Yokai show be so boring. The elevator pitch for this show alone would have been enough to get me on board with bells on. But now we’re eight episodes in and hit the end of the first major story arc, the premise feels secondary to why I’m still watching this show.

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3 Episode Rule – In/Spectre

This was a last minute addition to this season’s run order for me. I ended up watching all three episodes back to back. Which I’m not sure if wisest course of action, given I have much less time to digest the series as I would watching it week to week. Let’s call this an experiment then, because I have some mixed feeling about In/Spectre.

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Mid-Week Review: Attack on Titan – Episode 41: “Trust”

I think it was about time I caught up and got these reviews out closer to the time they actually come out. So, surprise: double post!

Our story of corruption and intrigue continue this week as we delve further into the machinations of both the government and the remaining Scout Regiment. Feeling a little less eventful than last week, the wheels continue to spin toward their inevitable collision.

Mid-Week Review: Attack on Titan - Episode 41: “Trust"

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