MCU Rewatch: Ant-Man and the Wasp was unlucky it had to follow Infinity War

Thinking back to my first time watching the sequel to one of the more dubious Marvel movie concepts back when Ant-Man and the Wasp came out, I remember thinking the movie was not all that; a pale imitation of the first one. Having gone back and watched it again for only the second time since June of 2018, I came to a realisation.

Ant-Man and the Wasp’s biggest problem wasn’t that it was a weaker movie than it’s predecessor, it was that it had the misfortune of being the movie that had to follow Infinity War. A problem the last movie didn’t have when it was coming off the back of the sour taste Ultron had left in many people’s mouths.

Before I get any deeper though, this is coming to the end of a year long series where I go back and watch all of the movies of the MCU from the beginning. If you want to see the archive of posts so far then look no further than this here link. Otherwise, I’ll get into Ant-Man and the Wasp.

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How COVID-19 could kill cinema

I recently heard that YouTube has been recently demonetising any videos that make mention of COVID-19 and the current pandemic sweeping the world. At first I just chocked it up to one more strange choice by YouTube to put the squeeze on their users, but then I thought about the issue a little more and it started to make sense.

The last thing you want during this whole crisis are sensationalist creators making a bunch of click bait misinformation that could whip people up into more of a panic than they already are. So I’m going to ignore the sense of the conclusions I made earlier and make a sensationalist claim about the long terms affects of the virus on the future of the entertainment industry.

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MCU Rewatch – Black Panther is the least interesting part of his own movie

This is part of an ongoing series, to see all of my posts on the MCU thus far then just click this link.

Something that never occurred to me the first time I watched Black Panther was how similar it was in so many ways to the first Thor movie from way back when. There were so many big introductions to the MCU within this movie that the parallels between the two stories was completely lost on me.

When I spoke about the first Thor as a part of this series, I was somewhat critical of it not really holding up. In many ways, this movie seems like it’s taking that story and just doing it better. Which shouldn’t be taken as belittlement of Black Panther in any way, because it does plenty different that more than makes up for the shortcomings of the movie I feel like it was maybe trying to make up for. Continue reading “MCU Rewatch – Black Panther is the least interesting part of his own movie”