Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is utter nonsense that makes me feel good

I recently found myself getting into yet another show via what has weirdly become my second most reliable source of finding new anime to watch: Youtube’s recommendation algorithm. I swear, you watch one cute anime compilation and the machine never lets your forget it.

In this particular case I found 2017’s Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid popping up several times, of course I eventually buckled under the weight of the cute and decided to search it out. Upon finishing the lone series, I think fantasy slice of life might be the genre I never knew I wanted till now. Well maybe it’s not a massive surprise considering how much I enjoyed The Helpful Fox Senko-san earlier this year. What with the plentiful similarities between the premises of the two anime.

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3 Episode Rule – Fire Force

After the tragic fire at a studio building of Kyoto Animation, the Fire Force anime was put on hold for a few weeks for the sake of taste and respect. After some minor edits to episode 3, the anime returned and I’ll talk about it in what is probably going to be the last entry in this season’s 3 episode rule.

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