John Wick: Chapter 3 – Why plot isn’t everything and other random musing

In Latin, Parabellum translates as “prepare for war”. Just thought some of you might not be as brushed up on your ancient dead languages.

The first John Wick caught me completely off guard. It snuck up and grabbed me by the shoulders, violent shaking me and yelling at me to pay attention to it. It was understandable that I’d not notice it in a year where there were quite a few movies with <white dude name> as the title.

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Wooderon’s Best Movies of 2017: #10 – #6

I didn’t see anywhere near as many movies in 2017 as I did the year prior.I don’t know, maybe I spent so much time in a cinema in 2016 that I burned myself out on the experience a little. I still endeavour to go back and see the things I’ve missed out on, but there is only so much time and Dunkirk is, what, like a 70 hour movie? It feels like that anyway.

Because I always seem to want to do this to myself, I end up getting my game lists polished off and posted on time and never manage to finish my movie one. So I’m going to split this one into two halves this time to get them out in a slightly more timely manner. And in case you couldn’t tell I’m especially burned out on writing intros to lists and I’m just padding this out as much as I can so there’s a decent amount of text before the line break.

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