MCU Rewatch – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 feels like the most unnecessary MCU movie

This movie might be the one in this entire franchise that the largest gulf between my expectation of it, and what I ended up feeling about it when I finally saw it. I adored the first Guardians of the Galaxy, just read my post about it when I saw it again last year. It’s still one of my favourite movies in the entire franchise. Which is why the sequel was such a let down for me when we eventually got it.

Before you get angry with me, if you want to see the archive of this review series so far, then just click this link. Or you can just continue and read me being cynical about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

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MCU Rewatch: Guardians of the Galaxy is Marvel’s most Human Story

If this is your first time reading one of these, it’s the latest entry in a series where I go back and watch each movie in the Marvel Cinematic universe from the very beginning. Coming as a result of me realising that I’ve haven’t seen most of them a second time since the cinema. Check this link out of you want to see the archive so far.

This series came about because of my realisation that I hadn’t rewatched most of the MCU movies after the initial cinema experience, Guardians of the Galaxy is certainly not an example of that, being the movie that I’ve found myself watching over and over. For a long time, I said it was my favourite movie in the MCU, and upon revisiting it, I find it difficult to budge from that position.

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Wooderon’s Best Movies of 2017: #10 – #6

I didn’t see anywhere near as many movies in 2017 as I did the year prior.I don’t know, maybe I spent so much time in a cinema in 2016 that I burned myself out on the experience a little. I still endeavour to go back and see the things I’ve missed out on, but there is only so much time and Dunkirk is, what, like a 70 hour movie? It feels like that anyway.

Because I always seem to want to do this to myself, I end up getting my game lists polished off and posted on time and never manage to finish my movie one. So I’m going to split this one into two halves this time to get them out in a slightly more timely manner. And in case you couldn’t tell I’m especially burned out on writing intros to lists and I’m just padding this out as much as I can so there’s a decent amount of text before the line break.

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