My Thoughts on: No Time to Die and Daniel Craig’s time as James Bond

I spend so much time talking about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars these days, it could be easy to forget that there are other long running series out there that could make those long running series shake in their boots. Or they could if the James Bond franchise managed to put out a movie more than once every six years.

But that’s neither here nor there. Let’s talk about the 25th film in the Bond franchise: No Time to Die.

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Three more of my favourite Video Game Weapons

Here I am, early in a blogging week with nothing planned and feeling a touch of inspiration drought. So why not return to that well of a near mindless list. I wrote one of these a while back when I was struggling to come up with ideas for the blog. The time I blame it on spending the past few days in the pub, playing Destiny or getting back into Pokemon Shield.

Thus I find myself plucking three more weapons from my big list of video game weapons and talk about them for a while. I apologise profusely.

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My thoughts on: Spectre


Following Skyfall was never going to be an easy job; it was a fantastic blend of the classic Bond tropes, but also a modern action movie that was very aware of its roots and made the most of making use of them. Spectre is a movie painted with the same brush, connecting it to the all of the previous Daniel Craig movies in what has been a psedeo-reboot for the franchise.

Skyfall very much felt like the status quo re-establishing movie, the one that tied itself up with a neat bow and set the franchise rolling again right where Casino Royale had jarred it away from. Spectre wants the best of both worlds, returning to some of the more well known Bond tropes while continuing to throw in the more modern mentality of the world surrounding the character. Continue reading “My thoughts on: Spectre”