Doctor Who series 9 thoughts

I recently spoke about how I have really come around on Peter Capaldi, how I think he has become a fantastic Doctor. So when it comes to talking about the new series, needless to say I enjoyed it more than I did the preceding one. It was good, and I’ll get to that, but first lets talk about the elephant in the room:

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Peter Capaldi: You got me!

Oh my God this series of Doctor Who has been so much better than the last one. In my short time watching Doctor Who (pretty much since it came back with the 9th Doctor), I have noticed there always seems to be a series of transition, where the writers and the actor are still trying to find their Doctor. Everything is relatively new and nobody knows quite which buttons to push and which wiggly bits it’s okay to pull on. This second season starring the 12th Doctor has really got me excited for the series again after kind of a bum year, and it’s taken till this past week to realise it.

The following contains spoilers for Doctor Who episodes: The Zygon Invasion and the Zygon Inversion.

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