Wooderon’s Anime Pirate Crew

I don’t normally do this kind of thing. But I’ve seen enough of the bloggers I follow doing these kind of tag lists that I felt I wanted to give it ago, despite the fact that nobody actually nominated me directly, but why the hell should I let that stop me.

I actually spotted this on Mechanical Anime Reviews, written by Scott, so I’ll link his blog, which is customary in these things. and I’ll thank him for the likes he’s been giving my posts these past few months. As posted in Scott’s post, here are the rules I’m working from:

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A Beginner’s View on Lupin the Third Part 5

During this, my first year trying to get into Anime, I found myself picking up a number of shows I would have otherwise never invested any time into. Lupin the Third is the one of these shows. Truthfully, I had actually heard of Lupin the Third beforehand. It’s a show that did get huge outside of Japan, it just so happens Part V is my first actual experience with it.

A Beginner’s View on Lupin the Third Part 5

Not knowing anything going in, it managed to grab me almost right away. It makes a hell of a first impression. It’s a show that seeps style from every pore and is a lot smarter than I would have ever imagined, but let’s not get a head of ourselves.

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