3 Episode Rule – Magical Sempai

As a part of my ongoing endeavour to consume more and different kinds of anime instead of spending money on watching sport or other streaming services, I have started this little series in which I have picked a bunch of new anime for this summer season and decide which ones I should continue watching based on their first three episodes. As is the rule of thumb to how I understand it.

This part I’ll be looking at Magical Sempai, because a show that consistently gives you an eyeful.

I hope you like being whipped around at lightning pace, because if you sneeze during Magical Sempai, you’ve already missed half a segment. A shorter format show, with only 12 minutes per episode, the show packs as much as it can into the four individual sketches that make up each short episode.

3 Episode Rule - Magical Sempai

Titillation and high goofs per minute (gpm) are the name of the game in this series, as we follow the titular unnamed Sempai and her hapless, long suffering assistant in a series of slapstick and fan service. The segment of the first episode establishes the assistant being bullied into the stage magic club by his Sempai as she blunders her way through every trick, with hilarious results. After which, it quickly settles into the standard formula for the rest of the skits.

Most episodes thus far have been based around Sempai performing relatively simple card tricks or escape artist tricks. Which she blunders at every given opportunity. Sprinkled amongst them are some more standard comedy fare. On top of her charming incompetence, Sempai also has massive stage fright, getting flustered even when performing the trick in front of her assistant, who oftentimes is able perform the trick better himself. Being the stone faced lazy boy he is.

It’s a blink and you’ll miss it style of comedy, bombarding the audience with as much as it can as quickly as it can before moving onto the next thing. The bread and butter of the show being lingering shots on Sempai’s boobs or up her skirt while she blunders around being “adorkable”.

3 Episode Rule - Magical Sempai

There is a wider cast as seen in the opening and ending credits, but the 12 sketches we’ve seen thus far merely focus on the main two, as the assistant acts as the straight man to Sempai’s ditziness, ether being the butt of her mishaps through physical comedy or the old anime favourite of her clothing going see through when she gets wet or gratuitous panty shots. We do meet one of the teachers who becomes the clubs overseer, and also happens to be Sempai’s even more air headed older sister. Who gropes her student’s boobs as a background gag.

*tugs no collar* Good thing this is a gag anime, eh…

It’s bright, cheerful and fun. That’s about it. If you want a quick and snappy comedy build on an “ecchi” foundation, with a very cute girl protagonist, then look no further.

3 Episode Rule - Magical Sempai

Verdict: Do not Continue

Personally, pure fan service shows don’t do a whole lot for me. I’m reading plenty of manga that do that while also managing to have some depth to their characters and tell a story. The screwball, jump in at anytime nature of this show makes it all the easier for me to just drop at this point.

It’s nothing personal. There’s just no shortage of cute anime girls out there and I’m pretty good passing on this one going forward. And I don’t feel like Magical Sempai is going to spend any of its remaining nine episodes doing anything other that what I’ve seen already. I’m sure this girl will be showing up on my Youtube recommendations all Summer though, so anything I’m missing, I’ll just pick up there.

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