I’m back in (blogging) business

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks for me, during which I’m amazed I even managed to update as often as I did. But after close to a year of talking about it and waiting, then waiting some more and then even more waiting, I have finally moved into my first home.

I’ve been here a couple of weeks now, but my access to the basic amenities of my online focused life have been limited at best. Only now, within the last hour of writing this do I feel like I’m regaining some semblance of normalcy within my approximation of adult life.

Without realising it, I’ve slowly been working my way through getting the house to where I want it, one room at a time, getting it up to a standard befitting my old man in a youngish person’s body lifestyle. Kitchen was up to snuff right away, only now is the living room becoming the cave of loose cables and technology I need to exist comfortably.

The final big hurdle for the living room situation was getting my internet working and setting my PC up. For the past two weeks, I’ve been tethering everything to my phone; the final, climactic result of me deciding to pay for unlimited data all those years ago, coming back express sweet relief from the potential of being utterly disconnected. Now my actual internet it live, it’s sadly slower than the internet on my phone.

Years of being spoiled on Fibre and 60 Mb down in my old place coming crashing down as I move into a place that is still yet to have their 21st century internet installed. But, for now, it’ll suit me.

The other big hurdle was my PC. Despite the fact that I like to think of myself as a particularly nerd-like individual, who expresses interest in things such as Anime, Dungeons & Dragons and video games, I am not remotely tech savvy when it comes to problem solving. Turning it off and then on again, it the total extent of my technical know how when it comes to home repair.

So when I went to set up my PC and the monitor would not connect, I was at a loss. One step closer to the ideal life of a shut-in blogger, hampered by another two steps back. But, if any of you out there peruse my twitter along the side of my blog screen, you’ll know this story. Through sheer power of will, I kept trying to connect the thing in the same way over and over. Despite it never working, I refused to let failure keep me from that which I desired.

Despite it defying all reasonable logic, one time I connected the cabled and hit the power button the screen mercifully displayed an image. Worn down by my barrage of attempts, the technology twisted and frayed in defeat at my unyielding attempts to brute force it into working.

So, to cut that long story short. I’m set up again, in a place where I can really get my nose to the grindstone and start blogging on a more regular schedule again. Hopefully, I’ll be able to ramp things up and get more out than ever before.

Sure, my bedroom is still a mess and my wardrobe is weeks away from being delivered. But I can live in an ocean of clothes for a little while longer, because now I can turn my back on it and focus on getting my blog back up to snuff.

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