Demon Slayer – Episode 24: Rehabilitation training

Looks like we’re getting that “Training arc”, if two episodes can be described as such. Demon Slayer has been a show that’s kept fast pace with fast action. It’s not been especially interested in spending much time with things like down time. Tanjiro gets stronger through a trial by fire-type approach.

We haven’t seen a training sequence since the first handful of episodes. But these episodes have been due for a while now; establishing that our overpowered protagonist isn’t actually all-powerful. Tanjiro has been cleaving through enemies with nary a real struggle up until now, the show needed to bring him down to earth lest it be over in another couple dozen episodes.

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Demon Slayer – Episode 23: Hashira Meeting – Time for Recuperation

Aside from often looking fantastic (far better than the art in the Manga in fact), I don’t always notice how beautiful some of the music and sound design in Demon Slayer is. It seems determined to remind me in this episode as Nezuko turns her back on the taunting of the psychotic wind pillar’s taunting. Thank God.

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Demon Slayer – Episode 22: Master of the Mansion

I guess my questions regarding the leadership of the Demon Slayers has an answer now. The reason why they send a whole bunch of under prepared, under qualified slayers right into hell itself is because they’re freaking insane.

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