IT: Chapter 2 Falls into familiar horror pitfalls

2007’s IT was a revelation in mainstream horror for me. For the longest time, I felt horror had been completely relegated to the status of sub-genre, destined to be nothing but shlock and budget attempts at recapturing the genre’s past glory at best. Never would I imagine it would find itself getting the budget and attention of the typical summer blockbuster. The question was; whether the sequel to that movie would be able to maintain that kind of momentum.

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Pet Sematary (2019): A Return to Slow Burn Horror

My main driving force in going to see this movie was derived from 2017’s IT: A movie that I enjoyed far more than I’d expected to. Between the two, it gives me hope that we can make another step in the direction of mainstream movies taking the horror genre more seriously. At least, as seriously as it’s been taken since colour was the standard.

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