Mid-Week Review: Attack on Titan – Episode 38: Smoke Signals

The third season of Attack on Titan snuck up on us. It seems as unlikely as the Titans in the show doing the same thing, and yet they both managed to pull it off without much effort. After a first season of relentlessly grim death and destruction, the second season brought us out of the gloom and started to provide us with plot that wasn’t just killing off every character you knew and loved, we get a new chapter. One following on from the mystery borne from revelations that there is more to the monsters than it first appeared.

Mid-Week Review: Attack on Titan - Episode 38: Smoke Signals

The start of the episode does a surprisingly good job of reminding us where we left off after a pretty densely packed second season. One that became less about the Titans themselves, but more about the external forces who, like Erin, can turn into Titans, and why they’re infiltrating the Walled Cities.

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