Demon Slayer: Season 2 – Episode 4: Insult

What cheek, to take a week off right in the middle of this arc we’ve all seen before. I mean I guess I’d rather they get it out of the way early rather than when we actually get into the new stuff. But still, I’m anxious enough to get into the new stuff, this was just rude.

While we’re getting insight into the inner workings of both Tanjiro and Rengoku, and seeing how dangerously close they’re both coming to having their souls destroyed, it seems like, on the other hand both Inosuke and Zenitsu being creepy weirdos is the very thing saving them from their would be assassins.

Which is funny, and I guess a sign that we’re never going to get any deeper insight into these characters in the near future. They’re supporting characters in every meaning of the word. At least for now anyway. Maybe

On the other hand, I am reminded of how much I love the fact that Tanjiro’s soul is so pure that his subconscious is this beautiful plain that generates sprites of light that guide the very person trying to destroy him to what they’re looking for. His goodness is so overwhelming that he seems to purify the guy who was trying to kill him.

While Tanjiro is master of proec, he also atac. By which I mean the kid if hardcore enough to slit his own throat to wake himself up. Not knowing if you die in the game you die for real. Luckily it does wake him up and he comes face to face with the kids trying to kill him and his companions.

Then we see it, for the first time this season: Tanjiro’s expression of sad understanding and empathy. He’s such a good boy. Although not compassionate enough to not just knock the kids out in an instant, although he’s feeling that compassion for actual victims of circumstance for a change rather than horrible man-eating monsters. Like I said, he’s a good kid, he doesn’t discriminate.

Leaving tiny, adorable Nezuko in charge of the sleepers, Tanjiro races to the front of the train to confront Enmu. This demon is obviously one who has become accustomed to orchestrating plans and having them unfold remotely. And yet, for the first time, his plans have begun to come undone. Not only that, his key ability to put people to sleep seemingly doesn’t work on the very slayer come to confront him.

That mild look of panic on Enmu’s face is pretty cathartic, even if it does show that he is far from done. Tanjiro is nuts though, he is committing suicide in his dream over and over again to wake himself up. You can tell Enmu’s starting to grasp as straws when he shows Tanjiro visions of his family blaming him for their deaths rather than crying at him leaving them. Because this change in tactic just proves to piss Tanjiro off more than anything else. Hence the insult of the title I am suppose.

This leads to a fantastic shot of Tanjro beheading Enmu. But as I thought in the movie the first time I saw it, it all seemed too easy. That’s when the tentacles happen. It seems like Enmu has fused his entire body with that of the train right from the start. Something you’d have thought Tanjiro would have picked up on right from the starts also, given his superhuman sense of smell.

I don’t know. Weird CGI Hentacles though. This was something I’d kind of forgotten about from my time seeing the movie. Since this series started, I had been very impressed with how the show integrated CGI with traditional animation throughout the action sequences. This was the first series I saw where I thought they looked nearly seamless.

With the Arrow Demon and the Rotating room fight following it. There were some killer fight scenes that used CG beautifully. These tentacle textures though… they just don’t fit. The texture looks like a placeholder to me, on that fails to take natural light into account properly. Normally, I don’t worry too much about this type of thing. But considering how good Demon Slayer has been with this up until now, I feel the need to point it out.

It’s just not up to snuff.

Anywho, with the odds now very aggressively stacked against him, Tanjiro starts to be overcome with a sense of hopelessness. Calling out to the rest of his companions to wake up. It’s hard to tell if its through a sense of self realisation or through Nezuko’s demon flame abilities, but just as if on queue, Inosuke wakes up from his slumber and bursts through the roof of the train.

I’d say he was still in a stupor from his dream and might think he’s still sleeping to some extent. But this is Inosuke; the guy’s a total moron. So he’s more likely fully awake. With some backup behind him, Tanjiro can turn his attention to the demon train itself and start working on cutting of its head. Somehow?

All while worrying about the 200-something hotages that Train Enmu has rolling around within him.

There’s some cool stuff in here, but I’ll be honest; I’m starting to get a little impatient to see what’s coming next after this. Don’t get me wrong, the fight that ends this arc is great and I’ll relish watching it again, but I’m getting antsy.

It probably doesn’t help that we ended up skipping a week on top of all this being repeated content to me. If not for me getting excited about making my episode title cards, I might have made the executive decision to skip this arc until the new one got going.

Oh well, I’m on board now. Might as well just sit back and continuing my second ride aboard the Mugan Train.

2 thoughts on “Demon Slayer: Season 2 – Episode 4: Insult

  1. Yeah, that was annoying taking a week off like that, build up something then bam, leave it for a week. I did find Inosuke and Zen dreams pretty funny tbh. Ngl, I almost teared up a bit when Tanjiro faced off against Enmu, I really wanted Tanjiro to get Enmu. You can tell just how much it pissed off Tanjiro to see his family be insulted like that.

    Nezuko is just adorable in her tiny form. She headbutting her bro, to wake him up but failing is funny. Speaking of Inoksuke being a moron, I chuckled when he called Tanjiro, Monjiro at that small segment at the end xDD.

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    1. I really like Tanjiro. He is fast becoming be one of my favourite shonen MCs at this point already.

      Also, you mention Nezuko. Make sure you watch the after credits scene in episode five. haha.

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