3 Episode Rule – If it’s for my daughter, I’d even defeat a demon lord

As a part of this series, I’ve been watching things wouldn’t have gone near in the past. And when a show’s title is indistinguishable from a brief review of the series, I’d generally wave my hand at it dismissively. But this is the summer me giving everything a shot, so today I talk about “if it’s for my daughter, I’d even defeat a demon lord.”

I wasn’t especially sure what I make of this series first getting into it. With a high fantasy setting, we meet Dale; a highly talented mercenary and adventurer. While out on a job, mercing every monster that comes his way, he encounters a young devil girl. One who has been banished from her home and is suddenly all alone after her father has died shortly before.

3 Episode Rule - If it's for my daughter, I'd even defeat a demon lord

Feeling sorry for the girl, Dale takes her in with plans of sending her off to the orphanage. But pretty quickly he falls for the charming little girl and adopts her himself.

I had initially thought this was going to be a show about this adventurer and his magical demon sidekick kicking monster ass throughout the land. But nope, what this show actually turned out to be is an exercise father/daughter wish fulfilment.

The girl, whose name is Latina, turns out to be the most sickeningly sweet little creature in all of creation and Dale quickly falls in love with her, as do the the owners and patrons of the rough and tumble adventurer’s tavern that Dale calls home when he isn’t out working. Because she is the perfect little buttercup, everyone who meets her falls for her wholesome cuteness.

3 Episode Rule - If it's for my daughter, I'd even defeat a demon lord

And that’s the tone the show carries from that point on. It’s pretty slice of life, for a world in which demons and dragons exist, and pretty much anyone can throw out magical spells. The third episode does feature Dale out doing some mercenary work for a local lord. But honestly, it’s all used in effort to show how much of a mushy proud dad Dale has become, getting the job done as quickly as possible so he can get home to his little girl.

The series pulls no punches in making Latina into the most sickeningly sweet little girl you ever have seen. Although none of us can come close to loving her as much as Dale does. Which ends up becoming off-putting by the time we get to this third episode and his moping at being separated from her moves into territory of unhealthy obsession rather than being cute.

There’s something incredibly wholesome about this bar full of bearded tough guys doting over this little, but I wonder how much more it can get out of this premise. The opening for the show has an older Latina and more action orientated vibe. So I get the impression that the dynamic of the show will change as it goes on.

3 Episode Rule - If it's for my daughter, I'd even defeat a demon lord

Verdict: Continue Watching (for now)

So far, I am charmed enough by this show and its characters. It’s nice to see a fantasy setting with such a sweet and wholesome approach to a pretty simple story conceit. While I’m not chomping at the bit to see more of it, I am intrigued enough to want to see what happens next.

Objectively, the animation and art is pretty simplistic. Looking at the action sequences in episode three again are nothing to shout about whatsoever. Which leads me to believe action is never going to be the focus of this show.

As of episode 3, I am already building up a pain resistance to Latina’s cuteness, but the tracks they’re laying for what could be coming is enough for me to give this at least two or three more episodes and see where is goes. It’s very cute, and right now I am willing to see where it will take me.

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