JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 21 Review – “The Mystery of Emperor Crimson”

This was just some prime Jojo this episode; one part action sequence in which people describe their abilities slightly quicker than I could follow, and a second part of people standing in stunned silence, unable to make a choice before eventually executing an overblown gesture of solidarity. It’s good stuff.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 21 Review – "The Mystery of Emperor Crimson"

With the events of episode 21, It appears we really are moving from the A side of the story to the B side, in which the entire dynamic between our cast changes, as well as the dynamic between them and the people who will inevitably come after them. Although, let’s be real, they’re still going to be fending off massive shit heels with not a moral quandary to be seen.

After seeming to be utterly dead, having a huge hole in his gut and with no chance of recovery, Bucciarati is obviously still fine. He can make zippers to close his own gaping wounds, obviously. What follows is a scene in which Bucciarati fights for his life, as well as Trish’s, as we gain lengthy explanations from the boss as to what his stand does.

And you know, I’ve watched this episode a few times and I’m still not sure I understand it fully. Like Giorno’s power it seems a little nebulous, and does whatever it needs to do in a given situation. Seemingly, King Crimson can jump forward in time, but from his point of view, he is stopping time, seeing how things are playing out and then repositioning himself before those events occur. Truly it is an overpowered ability, but with him being the major antagonist of the series, I think that was the point.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 21 Review – "The Mystery of Emperor Crimson"

I simply cannot help but draw another comparison between this series and part 3. We finally encounter the big bad villain and it’s basically DIO again; an insane leader with insane time manipulation powers that seem neigh unbeatable unless you also have a stand with the ability to mess with time… Why do I suddenly think Giorno’s stand is going to develop some kind of time based power before this series is done… Unless Jotaro shows up again to steal the win…

For everyone who isn’t the boss, when his power activates, they blink several seconds ahead of their own timeline without any memory of what happened in the preceding time. Adding more confusion to his nonsense power. I wonder if every time he uses his power, the entire world experiences it… because Giorno and Abbacchio are also affected by it despite being outside the clock tower and several stories below.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 21 Review – "The Mystery of Emperor Crimson"

Thanks to another piece of insane prediction by Giorno, Bucciarati is able to escape with Trish, forcing the Boss to retreat as he feels he cannot beat Bucciarati’s entire team on his own without compromising his identity. What follows is another section of the episode which utterly confused me.

Giorno finds Bucciarati, heals his gaping wounds, but Bucciarati dies anyway. Before Giorno can really react, Bucciarati is alive and healed somewhat. We don’t linger on this event too much, but considering how fast everything is going, I had to go back and watch it again, because I felt I’d missed something. I hadn’t. This is probably leading up to something, but with so much being thrown at me in the first half of this episode, you’ll have to forgive me for not sponging it all up in a timely manner.

Momentarily in the clear, Bucciarati announces he has betrayed the boss and gives the crew the opportunity to choice to join him and become traitors too, or stay behind and stay loyal to the Boss’ organisation. I was surprised to see some actual internal strife within the group as they decided whether to join him or not. Fugo eventually being the one who stays behind.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 21 Review – "The Mystery of Emperor Crimson"

It’ll be interesting to see Fugo remain on the outside, and how he will eventually react when he encounters the crew again. And if he’s going to just kill them all with his flesh eating virus stand or not. All I know is my boy Mista is still around and we’re going to continue the awkward romance between him and Giorno. Yes!

The more stands we are introduced to in this show, the less it seems like rules apply to them. I have made comparisons between the stands of Jojo and the abilities in Hunter X Hunter before. And while I mocked HXH for how much time they spend talking about the rules and limitations of their own abilities, at least is shows the writer does care about consistency in his own manga. The utter nonsense that occurs on an increasing basis in Jojo is certainly endearing and within the tone of the show, but sometimes I feel like I’m lagging behind what’s going on in fights. It’s bizarre nonsense, and I honestly don’t know why I keep questioning it.

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