Terminator Reverse Rewatch – Terminator Genisys

I saw this movie once before, and my prevailing memory of it was it making me angry, and I don’t get genuinely angry at movies very often. Coming back to it now, years later, my frustrations have cooled significantly. But that doesn’t mean Terminator Genisys isn’t still a bastardization of an iconic movie franchise that I’m not sure anyone really wanted.

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Terminator Reverse Rewatch – Terminator: Dark Fate

You could call this a prelude to whatever Halloween based content I eventually decide to post on my blog before the month is up. Because historically, I don’t tend to make that big of a deal out of Halloween whatsoever. So maybe this is me meeting the holiday halfway and pretending this is my Halloween feature when I realise that October has come and gone and the plans I had have fallen out of the window.

This feature was spurned on by my spontaneous decision to watch the latest Terminator movie recently. And as a franchise that’s decided to alter its own time travel logic with each new movie, why not add a little more confusion tot he pile by going back through the series again in reverse order. Starting with 2019’s Terminator: Dark Fate.

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