Terminator Reverse Rewatch – Terminator: Dark Fate

You could call this a prelude to whatever Halloween based content I eventually decide to post on my blog before the month is up. Because historically, I don’t tend to make that big of a deal out of Halloween whatsoever. So maybe this is me meeting the holiday halfway and pretending this is my Halloween feature when I realise that October has come and gone and the plans I had have fallen out of the window.

This feature was spurned on by my spontaneous decision to watch the latest Terminator movie recently. And as a franchise that’s decided to alter its own time travel logic with each new movie, why not add a little more confusion tot he pile by going back through the series again in reverse order. Starting with 2019’s Terminator: Dark Fate.

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Alita: Battle Angel – Does a Middling Adaptation Make a Bad Movie Good?

I made what has become a increasingly rare visit to the cinema last week, in the efforts to go and see Alita: Battle Angel. To go ahead and spoil this entire review for you: I didn’t really have any especially strong feelings towards the movie. It just seemed like one more CG heavy action flick to me, which has become the expectation for this genre of movie. The unfortunate result is that Alita struggled to stick in my mind on walking out, especially when I don’t really hold any reverence for the source material.

Alita: Battle Angel - Does a Middling Adaptation Make a Bad Movie Good?

I was at the point where I didn’t feel like I had anything interesting to talk about in a blog like this afterwards afterwards, and came close to not writing anything at all. However, it was upon seeing the reactionary discourse to the film via social media that I realised there seemed to be some rather polarising views regarding the movie from fans, neutrals and critics. It was interesting to find myself smack in the middle of all things, agreeing with some things but baffled by other takes.

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