My misgivings of VR and the mainstream audience

I’m still skeptical about VR. About this supposed virtual renaissance we’re about to go through. I don’t doubt that gaming media will be filled with stories about VR in the coming months, that it’s going to be a big talking point for a while. Billions of dollars of Facebook money has made it obvious that it’s an inevitability. Where my misgivings about VR are bubbling up is them finding their way into the average person’s home, becoming the staple device that the console or PC are by the end of this year or next.


Video games media is gushing left and right about the upcoming VR headsets, but it’s easy to say that when you’re getting guided tours of the future. I’m not trying to be petulant here, I’m just stating that in the position of privilege games media find themselves in, of course they’re going to see this for the exciting innovation that it is. The hard sell, and nobody is fooling themselves that this isn’t one, is getting these devices in people’s homes. Continue reading “My misgivings of VR and the mainstream audience”