Fire Force – Episode 7: The Investigation of the 1st Commences

Things are staring to feel a lot more shoneny this episode. While this is the beginning of the 8th’s investigation in the 1st division, it’s under the guise of a some kind of training arc. I’m starting to get to the point where I’m not worrying about the little things in Fire Force and just going along for the ride.

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Demon Slayer – Episode 7: “Muzan Kibutsuji” Review

I know I said this show was going fast, but my ingrained expectation for Shonen to take hundreds of episodes to get anywhere is still getting the better of me here. Because in episode 7 Tanjiro comes face to face with the demon he’s been looking for, much to my shock.

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Mob Psycho 100 Episode 7 – Cornered ~True Identity~ Review

Man, trust this show to make me misty eyed over a two part storyline that I initially wasn’t too happy about. Last week I wasn’t too impressed with the Reigen-centric story, but do they ever use it to build to a powerful conclusion in this episode that put a lump in my throat.

Mob Psycho 100 Episode 7 – Cornered ~True Identity~ Review

A lot of this second series thus far has been dedicated to developing Mob’s character, making him into a more well-rounded person. These two episodes dedicate themselves to Reigen; exposing the biggest flaw in his character and using it to build him into something even stronger, despite me always regarding him as a pillar of confidence and strength before now regardless.

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