Star Wars: Rebels Revisited – Part 1: New Hope Diet

Going into this series, I’m not entirely sure what my expectations for it are. In part because it exists in this muddy middle ground in the middle of the Clone Wars’ initial run and its continuation, of which I’m including the Bad Batch in that bracket.

So in terms of quality of animation and storytelling, I’m not sure where to set my level of expectation. One thing’s for sure though, in these first three episodes of the series I’ve watched, my misgivings of that were born around those marketing shorts is mostly brushed under the carpet.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Revisited – Part 26: Threepio through the looking glass

I’m kinda surprised, jumping into season 4, the series feels like it’s kind of regressed in some regard. These opening six episodes of the season seem to be going back to the tone and content of the earlier parts of the show. Albeit with much better art and animation. Being more of an anthology and less self serious about telling an ongoing story.

It’s not to say I’m disliking what I’m seeing, I just kind of assumed the series would continue getting darker and leaning into telling longer-form narrative as it aged. Although this season still has plenty to go to still get me all worked up.

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