MCU Rewatch: Captain America: The First Avenger is a Fantastic answer to the Superman Problem

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I adore Captain America. Watching this movie again only reinforced that feeling. Now that Endgame is over, and we’ve seen his story from beginning to end, I think I’m willing to make the jump and say that Steve Rogers is my favourite character in the MCU. For all the complexity of Tony Stark and swagger of Thor, Steve Rogers is heroic to his core. He’s an inspirational figure and to put it simply: he’s just good.

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The Unsung Heroes of Avengers: Endgame

I could spend an entire week talking about Avengers: Endgame, believe me I thought about it. Ultimately though, the majority of bloggers of indecisive subject matter like myself are all doing the same thing, spattered with some Game of Thrones. There was one topic I noticed not many writers were focusing much attention on.

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Captain Marvel – A Perfect Example of the Current MCU

I kind of purposely avoided this topic while it was hot, it felt like there were just too many red hot takes when it came to Captain Marvel. Not only that, but it felt like there were too many people who’d spring loaded themselves to bite the head off anyone who would try and direct some genuine criticism at the movie.

As a result, my review of the movie shortly after seeing it was very levelled. You could call that cowardly if you wanted. I call it me not wanting the hassle. Because being really honest, Captain Marvel is a perfect example of the current Marvel Cinematic Universe; and that is really the biggest problem I have with it.

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