Godzilla: Planet of Monsters is a World of Mediocrity

I have always admired Godzilla from afar. the Kaiju genre is something that intrigued me from a young age, but much to my shame, I could just never get past how all the monsters just looked like guys in rubber suits. Which is pretty damn hypocritical of me considering how much I adored Power Rangers and a child.

Godzilla: Planet of Monsters is a World of Mediocrity

It even took me a while to actually sit myself down and watch the first part of Netflix’s computer animated Godzilla trilogy: Planet of Monsters.

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Halloween Special – Looking Back at: Event Horizon

I’ve never been much of a Halloween guy. Growing up, Bonfire Night was always more my thing. Sadly, because that tradition is nowhere near as marketable as selling super hero costumes and friendly vampire decorations, it seems to be very much on the periphery of Autumn holidays.

On thing I do like are Horror movies, and there’s no better excuse to go back and watch some of my favourites, and where better to start than Event Horizon.

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