MCU Rewatch: Captain America: The First Avenger is a Fantastic answer to the Superman Problem

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I adore Captain America. Watching this movie again only reinforced that feeling. Now that Endgame is over, and we’ve seen his story from beginning to end, I think I’m willing to make the jump and say that Steve Rogers is my favourite character in the MCU. For all the complexity of Tony Stark and swagger of Thor, Steve Rogers is heroic to his core. He’s an inspirational figure and to put it simply: he’s just good.

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Revisiting the MCU: Was Thor a Mistake in Hindsight?

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I’m just going to come out and say it: I don’t think 2011’s Thor has aged that well. Not to say it’s particularly out of touch or dated in itself, rather it feels like a tonal misstep that the franchise eventually goes on to self right in the late movies in the franchise. Looking at the movie objectively, it’s a perfectly serviceable action movie that mixed fantasy and science fiction, it’s just that the direction the series took ended up leaving this movie looking like the odd one out.

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Revisiting the MCU: Iron Man 2 and the First Irrelevant Villain

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In the eyes of Marvel Cinematic Universe history, Iron Man 2 will go down as one of the “not great ones” when it comes to the long list of movies within. Certainly, it’s a flawed movie. but upon revisiting it, I was pleased to see I ended up enjoying the movie far more than I expected to, given its reputation. And how it ended up feeling like it belonged in a shared universe more than the two movies that came before it.

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