Wooderon Movies of the Year 2018: Best Super Hero Movie

This was another series of entries that ended up spiralling out of control. By the time it reached the 2000 word limit I decided to just break them all up into individual entries. If I’m serious about being stricter about my own update policies, I need to get a lid on my word counts.

Wooderon Movies of the Year 2018: Best Super Hero Movie

Honestly, I could have spent an entire week talking about the super hero genre alone from 2018, but for the purposes of these “awards”, let’s just boil it down to the most important one:

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Wooderon Movie of the Year 2018: Best Dumb Movie

This last entry has always been something of a difficult one for me personally. Mainly because I’m almost completely burned out at the end of a marathon of blogging. It usually ends up getting split up over multiple parts, or being a week late. I have a slightly different problem this year, because while I was actually raring to write something about the great movies I’d seen in 2018, I realised I had hardly actually seen any new movies in 2018.

Wooderon Movie of the Year: Best Dumb Movie

For some reason, I just didn’t have the drive or the willingness to drive every time there was a movie out I might like. As the year bore on, the thought of getting stuck in traffic to see a movie when I could otherwise, stay home, watch some anime, or write for my blog ended up winning out. So, rather than try and cobble together a list involving the 10 best movies I actually saw this year, most of which were super hero movies, I thought I’d just pick out a handful in a few randomly assorted categorises and give them them a shout out for being interesting enough to drag me out of the house.

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Wooderon Anime of the Year 2018: #1

Thus we come to the close on my first ever top ten anime of the year list. I think it went well… Although it made me realise that I watched a lot less anime this year than I thought I did. Sure, I watched a wider variety of shows than I probably ever have done before. But compared to just how many shows are out there to watch, I only really scraped the surface. It’s a start I feel happy with though, I discovered some new stuff and am looking forward to see what I can introduce myself to in 2019.

Wooderon Anime of the Year 2018: #1

Before I get ahead of myself talking about brand new anime in 2019, there is still a matter of the number one entry on my 2018 list. This entry; it probably one of the farthest from new anime in my personal books. If anyone who has been keeping up with my blog in any capacity is hopping for a surprise here, you’re barking up the wrong tree. This is a predictable entry for me, and at a point I was going to be apologetic about it. But what’s the point in being apologist when it comes to an obvious winner?

For the final time, let’s sum up my entire top ten list for 2018:

#10: Goblin Slayer

#9: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

#8: The Ancient Magus’ Bride

#7: Golden Kamuy

#6: Attack on Titan

#5: Hinamatusri

#4: Megalo Box

#3: Lupin the Third: Part V

#2: My Hero Academia

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