Tower of God – Episode 12: Underwater Hunt (Part Two)

Things are going poorly for pretty much everyone right off the bat in this second part. Endorsi being forced to kill Anak, and the team above ground getting overwhelmed by the goblins. All while Bam is non the wiser stuck under the water. In this strictly regulated and highly controlled test environment, what could possibly tip the scales in our heroes favour.

Sarcasm doesn’t ever translate to text very well does it. Because these exams have hardly been above board the entire series. They’re just scarcely contained chaos right from the get go. What with the smiling fluff man using this exam as an excuse to execute Anak and take the two swords back from her.

So now would be the opportune time for Yuri to finally make her re-appearance and tidy things up. I’ll be honest, I’d kind of forgotten the Ranker Princess was a factor. Sure the show kept cutting away to her and her gang, but I didn’t really expect her to show up here and now to save the day.

Tower of God - Episode 12: Underwater Hunt (Part Two)

Before she kicks the doors down in a display of overwhelming power though, we see Endorsi team up with Anak to try and take down the fluff beast whose been toying with them. I never really thought Endorsi was going to hurt the lizard girl, based on what we’ve learned about her these past couple episodes and her recent interactions with Bam, it’s obvious she’s not the bad person she painted herself as.

Topside, Rak and Parasol (or whatever his name is) decide to charge the entire army of goblins rather than running away from them. Well, Rak decides that, the other guy is just along for the ride. Screaming and crying the entire time. I’d say it seems like a suicidal plan, but Rak never seems flustered by anything going on, I’d trust he had everything under control. But Lauroe has woken up for long enough to pull everyone’s asses out of the fire.

He’s enacting a plan that Khun and the little girl cooked up, plugging the underground tunnels up and leading the “striped earthpigs” right to the goblins, letting the two sets of monsters fight one another while the regulars huck spears at them all from the cliff above.

Tower of God - Episode 12: Underwater Hunt (Part Two)

It seems like, had this been a normal test without all of the outside invasions from high powered agents of the king, Khun would have pretty much had the whole thing in the bag for them once again. But their success in the actual exam seems almost like an afterthought based on what’s going on down below. And up above now apparently, as Khun’s lighthouse is invaded by another member of the House of Khun.

I know that because he looks exactly like our triangle earringed wanna-be Killua.

I think this guy is on Yuri’s crew, I’ll be honest I struggled to notice any of them outside of the giant hammer guy. But he is an outcast from the family like our Khun is, and baits him a little before Hatz shows up to defend his new friend from what is the third outside invader into this exam.

Tower of God - Episode 12: Underwater Hunt (Part Two)

It seems like things are mostly wrapped up, with Yuri literally flattening the agent of her “father”, that isn’t enough to stop the smiling pillow from going on one last rant though, telling them all he’s sent the bull after Bam and Rachel. When Yuri announces she’s crush the test, it’s the most surprising voice that speaks up.

Anak is the first one to argue against it, because she wants to climb the tower together with the friends she’s made so far. And if she interferes, Bam will fail the test. Really? Because everything that’s happened up until now wasn’t enough to invalidate this exam? I mean, I get the administrator is corrupt as heck, but seriously…  Whatever.

Bam fights the Bull. His friends seem pretty confident in his ability to win, as we see the monster beat the crap out of him. Like with the eel in the first episode, Bam allows himself to be swallowed whole by the Ray-Leech, then using his Shinsu to explode it from the inside.

Tower of God - Episode 12: Underwater Hunt (Part Two)

It makes sense to be honest. From what we’ve seen, Bam is not lacking in raw power by any means, it was always the finer control he seemed to struggle with. You don’t need control when your plan is to just explode a bitch. And it seems like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Literally, the gaping maw of the Seal-Dolphin queen shines down upon them like a heavenly light. Very reminiscent of the scenes we’ve seen from Bam and Rachel’s time in the place of darkness before

And then that ending happens. I’ll be honest, it took me totally by surprise. Not only because Rachel was supposed to be paralysed from the waist down, but because it really seemed like they she had gotten over her weird issues with Bam. I mean, I get she wants to stand on her own, and Bam is laying on a little thick, but this really feels like overcompensating to me. It’s a hell of a cliff hanger though, I’m just kind of bummed this wasn’t the final episode of the series, would have been a great moment to end on.

Tower of God - Episode 12: Underwater Hunt (Part Two)
The image I desperately wanted to use as my title image, but have been a real dick move to people not caught up just yet

We’re about to end the series, with the final episode of the first season next week and our characters aren’t even on the third floor yet. I get a feeling this could be a show that goes on for a good long while. I mean, everyone’s been watching Tower of God, in no small par thanks to there being nothing else to watch really.

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