MCU Rewatch: How Age of Ultron’s false promise created undeserved backlash

“We can bust arms dealers all day, but that up there. That’s the endgame.”

Hindsight has been incredibly kind to Age of Ultron. Around the time of its release; there was an underlying rumbling of disappointment with the movie. After two incredible successes in Winter Solider and Guardians of the Galaxy, the followup to what had been the biggest comic book movie ever at the time left everyone feeling pretty deflated.

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MCU Rewatch: Why The Avengers feels a lot safer today

As we come to the end of my rewatch of what Marvel call “Phase 1”, why not go back and take a quick peek at my Prodigious Preamble, which links to the previous five movies in the series I’ve spoken about thus far.

When I came to the end of The Avengers (Called Avengers Assemble in the U.K. thanks to some T.V. show from the 1960s I’m sure had a big audience crossover with this one) I was initially unsure about what kind of approach to make when talking about it for my blog.

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Revisiting the MCU: Salvaging The Incredible Hulk

New to this series? Why not start by reading my preamble to my goal with this series of articles. Maybe go back and read my Iron Man Post.

It’s inherently difficult to portray the Incredible Hulk on screen and actually create something fun out of the experience. At its core, the story of Bruce Banner/The Hulk is an inherently tragic one, with both the Hulk and Banner trapped by their condition and a desperate search to end everything once and for all. But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been decades of comic books that done lighthearted, entertaining things with the character.

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