Wooderon Games of the Year 2015: #6

I don’t think I saw my previous entry on any other game of the year list posted anywhere online. You might think I have bad taste in games, who knows. But if you’re reading then then youmust have come back for the Christmas day special to find out what I’ve put on number six on my list of games of the year.

Don’t hate if it isn’t want you expected. It’s all opinion remember, I mean feel free to tell me why I’m wrong, or tell me your top 10 games. It’s always interesting to see what people think. So I’m going to recap again and then get to the number six entry.

Also, Happy Christmas Everyone!

#10 Halo 5: Guardians

#9 Ori and the Blind Forest

#8 Splatoon

#7 Dragonball XenoVerse Continue reading “Wooderon Games of the Year 2015: #6”