Found my Breaking Point in movie remakes

When it come to the nostalgic classics of yesteryear, you know what doesn’t necessarily spring to mind as a movie that was in desperate need of remake for a fresh audience. If you guessed anything but Point Break; dude… what the hell. As I mentioned last week in my post about stupid naming conventions when it reboots, I’m seriously wondering why thought it was nessesery to bring back Point Break at all.


While not a movie of the same caliber as Robocop, Terminator or Star Wars. Point Break was still a movie I personally really enjoy, as do Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg apparently. It’s one of those classic actions movies of that 90s era, but even going back and watching it recently it still holds up pretty well. It’s filled with character, charm and solid action scenes, as well as a number of pretty good performances. So maybe those are the reasons a studio decided to remake it, the sad reality is though, the remake simply lacked all of those positives that I listed about the original. In fact, the remake is almost aggressive in its mediocrity. Continue reading “Found my Breaking Point in movie remakes”