My Hero Academia – Episodes 79 & 80: Really digging into a post All Might World

Apologies for the lateness of this one, but my job has made finding time for blogging exceedingly difficult these past couple of months and I can only catch up on my days off. Which also happen to be the days I’m totally dead on my feet from work. I’ll try to do better going forward. But updates are going to be a little more sporadic for the foreseeable future.

After moaning that I wanted something a little more lighthearted out of My Hero, we got two episodes back to back that did just that, and kind of bored me as a result. I fear I’m turning into one of those impossible to please ‘fans’, but while the actual content of the episodes was enough to stop me writing an individual episode review, the message behind them is really what caught my attention.

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Wooderon Anime of the Year 2018: #2

The following two entries in this list are the window into my soul. They’re the kind of shows that made me want to watch anime in the first place. To this day, they’re the kinds of shows I still get excited about and why I wanted to write about anime at all on my blog. Sure, it’s not high art or saying anything especially important, but at the end of this day, this is a form of entertainment, something many people who talk about things online seem to forget. And these shows I need to talk about now have entertained the crap outta me.

Wooderon Anime of the Year 2018: #2

Cut from the same cloth, these last two shows well probably surpise nobody. All you have to do is look at what I’ve been writing about this past year in my tag list and you already know what’s going onto this list today and tomorrow. I’ll still keep some empty anticipation though and make you click the link below to reveal the title card for the show though.

#10: Goblin Slayer

#9: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

#8: The Ancient Magus’ Bride

#7: Golden Kamuy

#6: Attack on Titan

#5: Hinamatusri

#4: Megalo Box

#3: Lupin the Third: Part V

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My Hero Academia: Series 3 – Trading Hype for Heart

It occurs to me that I haven’t spent any time on my blog taking about My Hero Academia, despite the fact that it’s become one of my favourite anime of the last few years. As a shameless enjoyer of Shonen, Boku no Hīrō Academia is the perfect example of keeping a genre close to its tropes, but just doing them all incredibly well.

My Hero Academia: Series 3 - Trading Hype for Heart

I binged through the first two series last summer before catching up having having to do the agonising weekly wait to see the final few episodes of the second series. The series won me over with its earnest characters, a seemingly never ending escalation of hype and apparent high stakes for every little thing that happened. Season 3 steps back from that slightly, like it’s settled into its own skin, but it doesn’t make me love the show any less.

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