Wooderon Games of the year 2017: #10

2017, where the hell did that year go right. It might be because I spend most of it in front of a television playing some video games. Oh yes, as this year: two thousand and seventeen comes to an end I am obligated to make ten posts over ten days listing the ten games I enjoyed the most/thought were the best games to come out over that twelve month period.

Y’know, the actual grading system behind these lists has always been a bit nebulous. I just list all of the games I’ve played in a year, which seems to get smaller and smaller each time I do this, and just hold them up against one another. I squint my eye and ask myself, did I like this game more than this game? Then bam, I have a list.

Being serious though, I don’t tend to get super critical when it comes to this list these days. I just look at what I had the most fun with and if it’s a game I’d go back to. And in the end, this being an entertainment based media, I think that’s a good excuse as any for just grinding these out. So let’s get cracking. It’s just a shame I can’t give it to Overwatch again considering that game drank up so much of my time again this year, and I still couldn’t ever get to Diamond… Continue reading “Wooderon Games of the year 2017: #10”