Is a DC Cinematic multiverse the path forward?

After that DC Fandome event a few weeks back, I ended up having a bunch of ideas come from it. This is the last one of them. Something I feel like I’ve mentioned a number of times before in the previous handful of posts focusing on the DC movie universe. While DC put so much time and effort into trying to emulate the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s success, they might have stumbled into a better solution for them. 

A Cinematic Multiverse.

It’s a concept I feel like Marvel area already beginning to play with. In this post-Endgame world, there are fewer directions the story could go. But with Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness on their upcoming slate, coupled with the announcement of Jonathan Majors as time traveling villain Kang the Conqurer in Ant-Man 3, it seems like in the time since I first drafted this post, they’re already well on their way to doing that very thing.

Is a DC Cinematic multiverse the path forward?
The dropping of the WandaVision trailer makes me think this post is already out of date somehow.

Strangely though, this whole global pandemic and locking down of almost all aspects of both the production and screenings of movies has actually benefitted Warner and DC. Pulling a hard handbrake on Disney and Marvel’s relentless release schedule. And in the meantime, while Marvel have had nothing to show, DC have been given the opportunity to snatch the limelight.

The DC Fandome was the perfect opportunity for them to make the most of that dead air and bring some much needed attention back to their brand and away from Marvel’s inescapable event horizon of hype. And as thing stand, of everything DC announced at the Fandome goes well, they’re more perfectly set up to create this cinematic multiverse already.

While Marvel are going to do as Marvel does, they still need to set up the groundwork for whatever time travel and multiversal shenanigans they plan on perpetrating. DC, on the other hand, have managed to blunder their way into this position through their inability to emulate what Marvel have been doing. Ironically enough.

The whole jumping off point for this is the upcoming Flash movie, the one based on the events of Flashpoint and starring Michael Keaton, reprising his role as Bruce Wayne from the Tim Burton era Batman movies. Two movies that previous had no connection to one another, through the very concept of a multiverse have suddenly been brought together.

Is a DC Cinematic multiverse the path forward?

Using that logic, Warner’s long history of superhero movies, one that goes much further back than Marvel, means that we could be seeing all kinds of strange crossovers happening in the future. Contract negotiations and the interest of actors involved pending of course.

It’s funny to think about, in their failure to get a cinematic universe off the ground, DC have just continued to reboot their characters and make spinoff movies that have no connection to the characters or the events of what was once their cinematic universe. Their upcoming Batman and their Joker movie from last year. Both of these exist in their own little bubble, having nothing to do with the Snyder movies at all.

But think about it: What if they did.

If things go well for DC over the next five years, what are the chances we could potentially get the next inevitable step from a wildly successful Flash movie; an Into the Spiderverse-seque sequel involving all the Batmen of the past. A multiverse mashup movie starring Michael Keaton, Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, Robert Patterson and some young up and comer introducing Terry McGinnis in the Miles Moreales role.

Is a DC Cinematic multiverse the path forward?
I’m low key obsessed with the Dark Knights: Metal storyline. Imagine if this ever found a live action interpretation.

I’ll admit that was one of the more fantastical flights of fancy I could make, but imagine the hype and interest generated from that kind of movie. It’s be something everyone would be interested in seeing, and would certainly even make Avengers Endgame shake in its boots.

This kind of approach really would open up DC’s options, not only that it would give them much more wiggle room for experimentation and to mess things up. They could just keep dumping out more and more stand alone movies starring these DC characters, the ones that work could potentially show up in some future multiversal team up movie while those that fail simply get tossed away, never thought about again.

It’s an idea they’ve already toyed with, as Ezra Miller showed up in a brief cameo in the CW’s Flash series. The stage has been set for DC to really get weird with their properties and do something really wild that could catch them up to Marvel in a real meaningful way. It all just comes down to how ambitious they want to be and how much money they want to through around to these older actors who feel like their time with DC is behind them. Money opens all kinds of doors though.

Man, all of this just adds to how bummed I am by the fact that Adam West is no longer with us.

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