Slowing things down for a little while

There’s a chance that some of you might have noticed that I took last week off. Well, the reason for this is that, after almost six months of frustration and strife I am finally moving into my first home. Things have been a whirlwind of activity, and as a consequence, some part of my life have suffered, namely my blog.

As I finally get the keys next week and start to move my entire life nine miles up the road, things are going to be a little chaotic, so I’m doing the responsible thing and preemptively justifying my lack of activity as I settle into a new life.

I do feel bad about skipping an entire week, but it just turned into one of those perfect storms in which I’d missed three posts, why not sack off the entire week. It’s shameful, truly. Adamant I don’t let what I’ve built stagnate, I intent to keep up my blog, but at slower pace for the next few weeks at the very least.

I’ll be keeping up my Monday and Friday posts and try to get a smaller Wednesday post in there for good measure, sadly, I’m going to have to drop away from my weekly reviews of Mob Psycho and Jojo’s. But I’ll return to them once they’re over to give my thoughts on them as a whole.

This whole thing is a huge relief to be honest. As I’ve encountered problem after problem with this whole process, it almost felt like it was never going to happen, and my entire life was on hold just in case some forward progress could be made. I’m not sure how much of the move or settling into my new home I’ll share on here going forward, but hopefully, this time next months we’ll be back onto a more reliable schedule.

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