My Tenuous Current Upload Schedule

I’ve often shied away from setting a real concrete upload schedule. It’s a continuation of that mental block I spoke about when I talked about New Year’s Resolutions last week. I almost feel like, by committing to something, you’re setting yourself up to fail. It’s just one more hump I need to get over. I’ve been writing for this blog on a pretty consistent basis for over a year now, I should probably stop feeling like I’m on the verge of messing it up all the time.

Plus, these last few weeks, I have found myself settling into something of a schedule when it comes to my uploads. So there’s really no harm in sharing it on here, on a post very few people will see…

Okay, so, here’s how I try to write content throughout a regular week right now.

  • Mondays and Fridays: Long form reviews and features –
    • Posts that often go into the My Thoughts and Features/Ranting topics. These are the standard upload days I started last year, and the days I try to write something a little more substantial regarding video games, movies and nerd culture in general.
    • I am to stick to around the 1000 word mark for these. I try to avoid talking about anime on these days because, well you’ll see…


  • Tuesdays and Thursdays: Condensed Episode Reviews –
    • These are the days I upload individual episode of media I am currently consuming. So, right now that’d be Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Mob psycho 100 and stuff like the Dragon Ball Manga. This mostly ends up being anime, which is why I want to avoid talking about anime as much on Mondays and Fridays, to just keep things varied.
    • While I have no problem with talking about anime a lot, it’s not what got me started writing for my blog, and I don’t want to lose what I was originally inspired by along the way.
    • Try to stick to around the 500 word mark for these, and sometimes end up uploading more than one post per day.


  • Wednesdays: Wild Card –
    • Wednesdays are my free day, they could be host to any kind of content I’ve described above, or neither if I’m not feeling particularity inspired that week.
    • The one caveat would be that this is the day I would write longer form anime posts that would fit into the Monday/Friday category but also have the misfortune of being anime. Again, nothing against anime, I am just aware that this could easily turn into an anime focused blog, and I want to press myself to vary up the topics I write about on a weekly basis just a little.


  • Saturdays and Sundays: Personal Posts
    • Like I mentioned last week, I used not not really write much on weekends. I want to change that this year, I also want to try and put myself out there a little more. I used to avoid doing that for some reason or another, before I realised that most of the blogs on here I actually enjoy reading are the ones written by people who really pour their identity into their writing and onto their blogs.
    • So, going forward, I will use weekends to write some personal entries into my blog about nothing in particular. To blog about blogging, to get meta about it. Again, I might not even write anything every weekend if I don’t feel like I’ve got anything I strongly want to talk about.


And that’s the schedule I am loosely sticking to for the foreseeable future. There will be deviations from this, If I want to do something special like spend a month talking about my favourite video games of the year or five back-to-back days talking about Dragon Ball GT (the next part of which I’m working on now).

I might post this somewhere on my main page, but for the life of me I don’t know the ratios of how people see my site. In which format or even of they see the site itself or consume is through WordPress… posting a link would be all but useless to a casual observer who doesn’t view my site on a desktop.

This is information I sorely need.

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