10 Biggest Questions Infinity War Left us With

I’m still thinking about Infinity War, it’s been rattling around in my brain since I saw it and it won’t go away. There are so many lingering questions, desperate to be answered. So much so that I need to ask them, if not to a person who can answer them, then at least to the internet at large. I’m aware that’s like farting into a wind tunnel, but damn it this is important and I don’t see anyone posing this kind of speculation.

So, I pose to you fair reader; 10 questions I’ve been left with after Infinity War in preparation for the follow up coming out next year. Some serious, some not so much. But questions are questions and I would like to know. Also, spoilers, obviously. If you want to see the movie still I’d come back afterwards.

1: Is the Infinity Gauntlet Spent?

During the final scene of Infinity War, when we see Thanos in his little cabin in the wilderness, with that deranged look of self achievement on his face; we also see the Infinity Gauntlet looks to be in some state of disrepair. It’s all burned out as if the act of erasing half of all sentient life was as large a task as the collective infinity stones could manage before being ‘spent’.

The individual stones, by their very nature are supposed to be infinite. So how can this be? Will the Infinity Stones cease to be a factor going forward? I feel like for the events of the erasure to be undone, the stones will need to be a factor again, but that gauntlet looked done.

I can understand the writers wanting to get rid, or reduce the power of the stones going forward. It’s kind of a logic destroying macguffin that everyone could point to every time a problem comes up in the future. I certainly hope that’s not the case, but from a writing stand point I could see why they’d do it.


2: Who will Stay Dead?

Its no secret that death is generally little more than a inconvenience to many heroes in the comic books, although the live action version of characters’ deaths have been a touch more permanent so far. It’s not to say some of the deaths we saw in the first Infinity War are a permanent state of affairs.

I’m not speaking about the people who were turned to dust in this case, rather I’m talking about the likes of Gamora, Loki and Vision. As haggard as the Infinity Gauntlet is, it’s still an object of infinite power. If Thanos truely cared for Gamora, surely he’d use the power of the stones to bring her back now his plan is over. Plus, I’d be surprised to see a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 without her.

Then we’ve got Loki, a character who has made a habit of faking his own death. And this time the movie really did want to us think he was 100% dead for real this time. But I could really see him fading out of the ether next movie with a smug little grin on his face. “Got you again brother”.

Finally Vision; he always seemed like a real interesting character who never really got to do anything. You could argue that he was always more interesting in concept than execution, but I like Vision and I’d like to see him carry on in his own story. Although I feel like his conception was always in place just to lead him to his death. And there were never any real plans involving him.


3: What’s going on with the Hulk?

Multiple times throughout Infinity War, the movie made a point of Banner being unable to turn into the Hulk, or the Hulk refusing to come out. Aside from a quick beatdown at the start, we don’t see the “big guy” at all. Was he just scared of Thanos, or was there something more at play here.

Ever since Hulk returned in Avengers Assemble, I’ve been eager to see them do somthing more with the character. In the comics, there are a lot more “Hulks” than just the savage one we’ve seen in the various live action movies over the years. There’s the “Joe Fixit” Hulk, as seen above, and there are the likes of the Professor/Merged Hulk that was around for a while in the 90s.

The Hulk has been hanging around in the MCU long enough now, and they’ve done away with the mopey, tragic aspect of the character for the most part. That’s why I’d like to see them play with the different aspects of Banner’s “Hulksona”.

It feels like Infinity War was building up to something involving the Hulk which has to pay off in the sequel. I just hope that it is somthing a like what I’ve mentioned, and not just a high fanfare return of the regular flavour of Hulk.


4: What is Doctor Strange up to?

If I have to make a prediction for the sequel to Infinity War: Whenever Doctor Strange undusts back into existence, he will be accompanied by this look of self satisfaction on his face, as though some series of events he put into motion led to the undoing of Thanos’ plan. Then him and Tony will bicker about who saved who.

While en route to Titan, Strange made it abundantly clear than if it came down to a choice between saving Tony/Peter or the Time Stone, he would sacrifice them in a heartbeat. But then, when the chips were down, Strange bargains with Thanos to save Tony Stark’s life. In return, he gives up the Time Stone with relatively little fight. This choice, coming not long after a scene where he is seen looking into millions of possible future timelines and saying he only saw one that resulted in their success.

All I’m saying is that Doctor Strange feels like the most capable individual we’ve seen in the movies so far, who would be able to put this Thanos business to bed, regardless of his current stats of existence.  He basically butterfly effected a saved day, at least thats what I’m guessing.


5: Was that the Red Skull’s one and done?

I have been banging a drum for the past few years saying that Marvel/Disney shouldn’t be so afraid to just recast some of their characters. For example, I am a real proponent of just going and recasting Jane Foster and doing Female Thor. But before that, there was one character they could bring back with way less hassle, and that was the Red Skull.

I’d just say, “You just need to find an actor who can do a good Hugo Weaving and slap some facial prosthesis on ‘em.” Nobody would be the wiser. And I was definitely none the wiser when the Red Skull made a cameo appearance in Infinity War. I didn’t realise it wasn’t Hugo Weaving until after the fact.

I was happy to see the character back, but I wonder if there will be any more Red Skull going forward, or if that single token cameo was just to tie up the loose end that the end of the first Captain America movie left hanging.

With the next movie also likely to be Cap’s final appearance, I don’t think there is a future for the Red Skull in the MCU, as much as the thought of him knocking around in modern day might seem interesting. Although, in the current climate, having a modern day Nazi running around America might seem a little too politically charged than Disney would be willing to risk. Nice to see him back though I guess.


6: Will Thanos’ Hakai affect the MCU outside of the movies?

One of my favourite things about Marvel’s Agents of Shield was  how the events of Winter Solider had a direct impact on the first series. Not just that, the series pivoted in a major way as a result of the movie. It really felt like a reward for keeping up with both of them at the same time. While Agents has referenced the movies again since, nothing had an effect as major as this.

And as much as I love the Netflix Marvel series, they are even more loosely connected, almost being pocket universe rather than a truly connected one. The events during the end of Infinity War have universe wide ramifications, half off all sentient life has evaporated into brown sand. There is no way upcoming series that supposedly exist in the same universe as this movie can’t be impacted by this event.

I’d love to see the upcoming series of Luke Cage, or Daredevil after that, have at least some passing reference to it by the series’ end. For all the talk of this being one big connected universe, it feels like Agent’s of Shield are the only series holding that up. The Defenders and Inhumans seem to be ever so loosely connected.

I’m not expecting people to start evaporating half way through Luke Cage in June, but hey a post series stinger would go a long way. The most likely thing to happen will be the series taking place after Infinity War Part 2 will just reference it like they did the battle of New York for so long.


7: What’s happening with Hawkeye?

Clint’s entire contribution to Infinity War is a passing line about him being under voluntary house arrest after the events of Civil War.

I always liked Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye since he first popped up in Thor. He was this ‘seen it all’ kind of guy who, despite the fact that he’s just a regular guy with a bow, seems to be unfazed by all the crazy stuff going on around him. He was pretty unflappable, even during the battle with Ultron which involved witches, robots, a different kind of robot and a floating mountain.

I always kind of hoped he would get his own movie eventually, or at the very least a Netflix series. Clint Barton always seemed like a prevalent character in the comics, but seems to have faded away in the movies. Scarlett Johansson is still pretty involved in events despite the fact that, she too, somehow still hadn’t been given a solo movie.

So is Hawkeye done? Was that line Marvel’s way of quietly writing him out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or are there some plans for Renner in the future? Or is quiet retirement with his family his ultimate fate.


8: How long till we get the good Groot back?

Controversial opinion: I’m not a massive fan of Baby Groot. The character always felt like the most cynical, marketing focused choice Marvel have made in their movies. It’s not to say I hated that version of the character or anything. He is cute, and the scenes around him are funny, but it’s this aggressive form of cute and funny take feels inferior to the character as he appeared in the first Guardians of the Galaxy.

Someone I think I might actually dislike is ‘Teen Groot’ as he appears in Infinity War. He felt like a non-character throughout the movie. Given, there were a lot of characters in Infinity War; some of them were bound to miss out. But all he does is embody a bunch of moody teenager stereotypes right up until the end of the movie.

It’s towards then wend when he gets his one actual moment when he forms the pommel to Thor’s new axe. Note: There is no mention as to whether the new axe contains the same ‘worthiness clause’ that Mjolnir did.

When you search Groot online, image results give you 95% Baby Groot. I just want the adult version back. The one who stole the movie in the first Guardians.


9: Will Pepper Potts every become a real character again?

Pepper starts out as a rather major figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Given there were only three movies in the franchise at the time. Her and Tony’s relationship were a strong driving force in the Iron Man movies, but as the franchise got bigger, it apeared Gwyneth Paltrow was done with the MCU. She was suspiciously absent from both Age of Ultron and Civil War, despite getting mentioned in both.

It was a surprise return in Spider-Man: Homecoming that made me think that she was going to become an important character to the franchise again. She even appears alongside Tony at the beginning of Infinity War, talking about a possible pregnancy. But when her voices crackles into static as Tony gets further away from Earth, we never see nor hear from her again. Not even a shot of whether she survived Thanos’ purge or not.

I like Pepper. Gwyneth Paltrow plays her as a highly capable and tough character, she’d have to be to put up with Tony’s nonsense. She’s even gone on to have a minor hero career herself in the comics. I feel like the with the talk of pregnancy, Pepper might return to relevance and have more to do than just a few good will cameos.


10: Wen Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock was a primary, if not the primary character of the original Infinity War story as it appeared in the comic books. A genetically created superhuman with an almost symbiotic relationship with the Soul Infinity Gem. With him being teased during one of the many post credits sequences of Guardian Vol. 2, the question needs to be asked: Is he going to factor into Infinity War part 2 at all?

Or is Captain Marvel just going to fill the role that he did in the comics and bring an end to the enemy wielding the Infinity Gauntlet. Although, I somehow don’t see Carol Danvers summoning the personifications of time and space themselves to solve the problem like Warlock did. Even that might be slightly too pulpy for the the pretty faithful MCU at this point.

I’d like to see more cosmic in the MCU and if there was any time to bring Adam Warlock into the mix, I can’t imagine a better time, especially considering the Infinity Gauntlet might not be a factor much longer. And with so many characters in Infinity War already, are they going to be willing to add yet another new character into it on top of Captain Marvel?

I’d like to see him, but I could see literally anything happening next year when the the Avengers comes out. I just hope at least some of my questions end up getting answered.

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